"Deborah's technique is very focused and direct, which allowed me to make immediate and noticeable progress in reaching my goals. She established rapport instantly, and kept me on track. I especially appreciated her ability to help me work on weaknesses and challenges in a humorous and non-threatening way."

- G.S., Asst. V.P. and Counsel, financial services company

You have been practicing law for five years or less and are on your way to building a solid professional foundation.

You want to be strategic about your career development and are eager to make choices that will serve you well for years to come, regardless of whether you stay in your current position or ultimately transition to a new one.

Acuity Legal Consulting works with junior attorneys starting their career in law firms, government organizations, and in-house legal departments.

Our personalized coaching helps new lawyers get a "fast start" in the following areas, among others:

taking ownership of your career by setting and meeting your own professional objectives;
building areas of expertise and mentoring relationships inside and outside your organization;
selecting work that leverages your personal strengths and is in harmony with your values;
developing greater professional confidence and judgment; and
further developing excellent work habits and a commitment to superior client service.

Each month Acuity Legal Consulting offers a limited number of free, introductory coaching sessions. Contact us today to request a meeting.