You are a high-achieving attorney who wants to create better balance between your challenging career and the rest of your life.

Perhaps you plan to practice law long-term and are concerned about maintaining energy, focus, and motivation over time. Or maybe you want to improve your ability to set boundaries, juggle competing commitments, and manage the stress of a demanding legal career.

Acuity Legal Consulting works with attorneys who seek to improve their work/life balance. We recognize that "balance" is a personal objective that means something different to each lawyer and we take great care to tailor our balance coaching according to each client's interests, needs, and professional environment.

Our work/life balance coaching addresses the following topics, among others:

defining a clear vision for a more balanced life;
prioritizing commitments and setting boundaries;
managing pressure, stress, competing interests and demands;
identifying internal and external roadblocks to success;
developing creative solutions to recurring challenges;
improving communication skills and leveraging existing business skills in the pursuit of balance; and
marshalling support and resources to sustain a more balanced life on an ongoing basis.

Each month Acuity Legal Consulting offers a limited number of free, introductory coaching sessions. Contact us today to request a meeting.