You are an attorney who is experiencing or looking ahead to a professional transition.

Perhaps you have changed jobs or assumed a new level of responsibility in your law firm or organization. Maybe you are transitioning into partnership or making a lateral move between a law firm, government organization, or in-house legal department.

Acuity Legal Consulting works with attorneys in transition. We recognize that legal careers are dynamic in nature and we are skilled in coaching attorneys through the challenges that come with professional change.

Our transition coaching addresses topics such as:

clarifying professional objectives and building your identity in a new role;
assessing and adapting to changes in organizational culture, expectations and norms;
developing and maintaining key business relationships;
understanding new clients and your role in meeting their needs;
building new competencies and areas of learning; and
strategic planning and vision for future success.

Each month Acuity Legal Consulting offers a limited number of free, introductory coaching sessions. Contact us today to request a meeting.